Business Planning

Having a clear vision, strong strategies to get there, and effective implementation are crucial for business success.  Without these , the danger is that there will be lots of activity with people doing what they think is right for the business but a lack of coherency to actually deliver what the business really needs.

In large organisations, strategy is often developed at the top levels, however translating this into practical guidance lower down the organisation can be problematic.

Often companies sense that they have a problem and know that something needs to happen to fix it.  Knowing just how to fix the problem, however, can be very difficult.

An obvious fix may be to implement a training solution.  Often training will be part of what is needed — the other part of the equation is to look at the systems, processes, and support around the skill area to consider what other changes need to be made to support the learning.

If people walk away from a training initiative and the same roadblocks exist that prevent them from easily implementing new skills, the effectiveness of their learning will be limited.

Lysander consultants work with your business to tighten up strategy and then develop clear actions that need to happen in order to meet that strategy.  We always encourage a collaborative process to ensure that plans are based on the real issues and have support and buy - in from the people that need to implement them.

Ongoing planning support can often guarantee the success of these planning initiatives until teams feel comfortable to drive the planning process themselves.