Generation Y

New trends always arise. For leading edge businesses that are prepared to pursue evidence and apply it to their business, this presents considerable opportunities .

Lysander Consulting Group works with clients to help them capitalise on current issues and trends that can support business performance.  Companies who help leaders to contemplate these issues and plan strategies around them will gain competitive edge.

One of these areas is Generation Y.

With an aging baby boomer population and the Generation Y population dominating the job market there are inevitable differences that all businesses need to get their head around.  If we take the opportunity to contemplate generational differences, we can cater to the differences, be more successful at attracting, motivating, and retaining Generation Y, and, as such, become a higher performing business.

We understand this and work with you to help your team to focus on understanding generational differences, to see life more clearly from the other side of the ledger, to build more mutual respect between the generations rather than complaining about their unique traits and tendencies.