Positive Psychology

New trends always arise. For leading edge businesses that are prepared to pursue evidence and apply it to their business, this presents considerable opportunities.

Lysander Consulting Group works with clients to help them to capitalise on current issues and trends that can support business performance.

One of these areas is Positive Psychology, and there are many tangible applications of this body of knowledge to support strong business performance.

Well-being at work has always been something difficult to quantify, and yet, now, very successful fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft are focusing heavily on this and doing so with the backing of substantial knowledge as to the difference it makes at work.  Well-being is about how we feel at work.  There are many aspects of positive psychology that influence how people feel.  We can work with you to explore these areas. 

How do you build more self-determination at work? 
Research shows that if we feel autonomy, competence, and belonging, we will be more intrinsically motivated.  There are things organisations can do to generate these traits among its people.

How do you focus on creating an environment that engenders happiness? 
This has typically been considered a soft topic and yet we somehow know that being happy at work is important for high business performance.  We now understand through research that happiness is made up of pleasure, engagement, and meaning.  Lysander can work with you to understand these concepts and to consider how to create an environment that allows employees to experience these things more often.

How important is optimism at work?
We used to think that people were either optimistic or they weren’t.  We now know that people have tendencies towards being optimistic or not, but also have the ability to influence this for themselves.  Higher levels of optimism correlate with greater performance in areas such as sales.  Again, we can work with you to understand this further and to find ways of building more optimism at work.

How important is it that I use my strengths at work?
We have typically been led to believe that if we are qualified to be a lawyer, we should be a lawyer.  Reality is that if we can uncover the things that really make us tick and then go and find something that allows us to use this regularly, we will perform.  Organisations that understand this easily gain the leading edge.  We can work with you to explore more around positive psychology and to consider ways to apply its lessons to achieve greater business results in your organisation.