Leadership Overview

In any organisation, leadership is the difference between success and mediocrity.  If people are committed to a vision, understand the direction, respect and like the person they are working for, are equipped with the right tools and feel good about what they are doing, there is no end to the possibilities.

These are difficult concepts to quantify.  How do we develop this feeling amongst our people? 

Analysis and planning to compare current perception of leadership with actual leadership capability, and defining the changes that would support organisational growth and development are part of how Lysander Consulting Group can work with your organisation to create great leadership.

And let’t not forget the importance of l eadership development.  Often once people find themselves in a leadership position, an expectation exists that they should know inherently how to create “leadership magic.”   Breaking down some of the core skills that leaders require and working with them to self-assess and gain insight and confidence in these areas can be hugely powerful in helping leaders grow.

Lysander can also provide professional coaching for leaders who wish to become more self-aware and to work on specific development areas.  The format and number of coaching sessions is agreed according to the brief for each coaching relationship.  Tremendous growth is possible through this type of professional relationship as it provides leaders—particularly senior leaders—with a mirror and sounding board that they ordinarily wouldn’t have access to .