Leadership Development

We understand that strong leadership is the foundation for success in business.  We support you by understanding the needs of your leaders and working to strengthen their talents.  This may involve working with you to design unique leadership development solutions.

A range of existing programs that have been rolled out with our clients includes:

Coaching for performance
Coaching is one of the most crucial activities a leader can undertake to drive effective performance.  It helps people to understand more about themselves and to identify ways to do even better. It is motivational and highly powerful when done well. This workshop provides simple coaching fundamentals and develops the skills and disciplines necessary to achieve in this area.  Leaders have the opportunity to develop and practice these skills and walk away ready to coach with confidence.

Time management for leaders
Time in a leadership role is always elusive.  Yet to be a highly effective leader, spending time on important activities is crucial.  This program helps participants to review key principles that underpin effective time management and to relate this to their particular circumstances.  The workshop starts very strategically, having individuals consider what drives them in terms of how they spend their time, before becoming more specific.  Tangible plans are developed for each individual to help them take greater control over their time and therefore enhance their life satisfaction and personal effectiveness.

Leadership communication
We often assume if we can talk we can communicate.  Reality is, the perception we give to others, and the impact we have as a leader, is profound.  This program explores specific, often challenging areas of communication such as giving and receiving feedback, assertiveness, achieving results through collaboration, and handling challenging situations effectively.

Performance development and review
Performance management is an area managers would often prefer to avoid, yet leaders who understand how to drive performance have the edge.  This program takes an holistic approach to performance management within the organisation and helps managers consider the big picture, including how to build a common understanding, set clear expectations, build capability, and encourage commitment.  The model used ties in structured performance planning, ongoing feedback, and reward to drive performance.

Presenting for leaders
Leaders rarely have the opportunity to review in a very real way how effectively they present.  Yet it is a critical piece in the leadership puzzle.  Being able to stand up and deliver compelling messages and to motivate people to action is vitally important.  This workshop is very experiential.  Comprehensive peer and facilitator feedback helps people to gain powerful personal insights.  Presentations are taped so first hand visual and auditory learning can occur.  When combined with theory, this is a very powerful way to help participants incorporate changes and new ideas.

Managing Generation Y
With an aging baby boomer population and the Generation Y population dominating the job market there are inevitable differences that all businesses need to get their head around.  This program provides managers with the opportunity to contemplate generational differences, with a focus on understanding Generation Y characteristics and the factors that shaped these characteristics during their formative years.  They are then invited to consider some of the key drivers of this generation and to plan ways to adapt to address this.  This is consolidated with practice conversations which help managers to be mindful of where other people might be coming from and how they might fine-tune their approach to be more effective, motivational, and successful leaders of this new generation.

Managing meetings
Leaders typically have a significant requirement to run meetings as part of their role.  Given how scarce time is, gaining value from time spent at these meetings can make an enormous difference to business results.  This workshop considers the various elements we can focus on if we are to manage meetings in a productive way to achieve results.  It breaks down the skills we need to use and reviews important processes to bed down results.  Practice plays a major component and leaders walk away with renewed focus and confidence to drive action-focused, results- oriented meetings.

Strategic facilitation skills
In a leadership role, the need often exists to facilitate.  Developing skills associated with effective facilitation can greatly enhance our effectiveness as a leader.  This workshop explores and provides practice opportunities for diverse facilitation skills.  Leaders also receive feedback on their personal style and can plan steps to develop and adjust so that future planning sessions, team meetings, or customer focus groups that they need to facilitate have more impact and are more productive.

Introduction to project management
Increasingly in business roles we become involved in running projects.  The ability to do this effectively is paramount to our success. This program is designed to address the first two stages of project management: initiation and planning.  It covers four of the nine competency areas as identified in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK): Scope Management, Time Management, Cost Management and Communications Management.  The program is based around an actual work project and is very hands on, with substantial time for project teams to workshop so that the end result is a well developed project plan and the development of first hand knowledge of how to undertake these steps.  The finale of the program consolidates the knowledge gained and has participants present their plan and key insights to enhance the learning of the entire group.