Organisational Development Overview

An organisation is a living thing. The way it grows and what it grows into is the result of a very complex mix of influences. Lysander Consulting Group can help you harness those influences to create the organisation that meets your goals.

For example, it is very easy to find a plenitude of training products on the market to provide some personal development for employees.  In fact, research shows us that personal development is one of the key factors likely to result in the retention of Generation Y.  Undoubtedly, personal development of employees is important, however we believe that organisational development should be more strategic than this.

Lysander Consulting Group specialises in the design, development and implementation of learning and development programs to address specific organisational skill shortages or the development of key competencies to enable corporate success.

All Lysander programs are customised to the customer’s requirements.   Lysander Consultants work with customers to really understand their business.  Language is shaped within the program to reflect actual company jargon, situations, and examples.  This ensures relevance of the training to participants and consolidates the transfer of learning back to the workplace.

Lysander programs are also designed to maximise the transfer of learning by incorporating pre-work, homework assignments based around actual job responsibilities, and action planning. Ongoing management involvement in reviewing and managing these plans moving forward is encouraged.

Discussions with clients around organisational development often uncover other problems or opportunities within the business.  Lysander Consulting Group can then work with your organisation to undertake business planning to ensure that any learning interventions are supported with the right processes, structures, and programs that may otherwise inhibit their success.