HR Consulting

People are the one thing that allows an organisation to succeed.  In a tight market, attracting the right people is often challenging in itself, and yet this is only the start.  Having the right people is necessary, but motivating and ultimately retaining those people is crucial for real business success.

If we really understand people, we can start to find ways to match people who have the core strengths required for the role, to the role we have available.  This allows people to use less effort and energy, feel more fulfilled, and achieve better performance.

With many years of research in these areas, one would imagine that there would be a simple formula companies could adopt to achieve these things.  Lysander Consulting Group understands that there is no magic formula as each company has its own unique personality and culture.

Lysander Consulting Group has extensive Human Resources capability and works with companies to understand their vision, their existing culture, existing programs, and, in partnership with you, works to identify processes and programs that will help you evolve to the people culture that supports the direction of your organisation.