Tailored Solutions

Your company is different from every other company out there. Many of the general services we offer will benefit all, but what if your particular needs go beyond this? That’s where Lysander Consulting Group’s strength in designing tailored solutions can really help.

Lysander Consulting Group specialises in the design and development of learning and development programs to address specific organisational skill shortages or the development of key competencies to enable corporate success.

All Lysander programs are customised to the customer’s requirements.   Lysander Consultants work with customers to really understand their business.  Language is shaped within the program to reflect actual company jargon, situations, and examples.  This ensures relevance of the training to participants and consolidates the transfer of learning back to the workplace.

It is our preference to work with the customer to schedule programs around their time and venue requirements and most often work on customer premises to achieve this.

Lysander programs are also designed to maximise the transfer of learning.  This most often includes pre-work so that participants are mentally prepared and engaged prior to the formal program launch.  The actual programs are always practically based and involve workshops and practice of skills that need to be transferred back to the workplace. 

Homework assignments are designed to be practical and are based around actual job responsibilities.  Debriefing and accountability for these is also built into each program.  Learning summaries and action planning is built into each day of the program and management involvement in reviewing and managing these plans moving forward is encouraged.

Follow up takes place several months after a program has been implemented to ensure that appropriate tools and strategies are in place to continue the flow of learning into participant’s actual job environments.

Other flexible learning strategies are also adopted as appropriate.  An example of this is use of a combination of self-paced learning with shorter workshops to address extensive information requirements that sometimes exist while respecting the time restrictions that participants face in having time available to attend workshops.