Workshops are essential to effective development. Through them, we can help you enhance the skills that are the lifeblood of effective business practice. Team building, customer service, sales, and a wide range of personal development programs are catered for.

While many workshops have been developed and successfully delivered to our clients in the past, all learning solutions are tailored specifically to customer needs.

Because we spend time getting to know your business and the problems or opportunities that exist, we are able to construct workshop programs that develop relevant skills and knowledge, and that use examples appropriate to your workforce to reinforce the learning more powerfully.

Some workshops already developed and effectively implemented with clients include:

Team building

  • High performing team - TMS profiling
  • Understanding ourselves and others - DISC profiling
  • Team planning
  • Using de-Bono’s Six Thinking Hats

Customer Service

  • Creating a service attitude
  • Customer service excellence
  • Dealing with difficult customers


  • Selling with confidence (phone based selling)
  • Enhancing the sales process (face to face selling)
  • Customer retention

Personal development

  • Communicating for results
  • Effectively managing your stress
  • Developing your career
  • Train the trainer
  • Managing meetings
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Presenting with impact
  • Introduction to project management