Invisible Rules That Keep Us Silent

Speaking up in an organisation when something isn’t working: sounds simple right?

The need for this is at the core of what is falling out all over the place as people search to understand the important takeaways from the Royal Commission. And yet, something that is apparently so simple, is also so elusive to many organisations. 

Culture and power in organisations are the invisible rules that frequently prevent people from being comfortable or merely prepared to speak up if something is not working – and when this happens, organisations can no longer be great. Things fall through the cracks, decisions are made without the necessary lens over it to check the implications - on people, customers, for the industry, and certainly for the company as a whole.

We can tell people in our business repeatedly that we want them to speak up – but it’s only when leaders understand the hidden levers – the behaviours and the underlying power relationships that drive actions in an organisation - that they will truly be poised to hear the very important voices of their teams and have an authentic opportunity to be the best version of that business that they can possibly be.

We work with organisations across a range of sectors including financial and health who are ready to transform their culture to one where they are ready to hear those voices. If this sounds valuable to your leadership team, contact us and we’ll be in touch.

Have you observed rules around when it is and isn’t okay to speak out? How do you deconstruct those rules in your business? What happens when we do this?