Flipping Leadership Learning

The digital age brings with it a plethora of opportunity and of course, an avalanche of challenges. Sifting through the sheer volume of information we are constantly bombarded with is in itself, somewhat overwhelming.

For leadership learning, this brings an intense opportunity. For years, leaders have walked away from workshops full of enthusiasm and great intent, but with time and other pressing commitments, have failed to execute the level of change first intended.

Buyer beware! Digital learning is not a silver bullet, and particularly in isolation can have very real limitations. However, when curated and designed well into a blended journey, it can have tangible impact on creating palpable evidence of learning, behavioural shift and most importantly, a translation to increased organisational performance. 

With well-designed blended learning, leaders access carefully curated digital micro-learning where important content is introduced to build knowledge prior to each workshop; and are then immersed more deeply into practice and richer exploration of concepts and real-world issues during workshops. 

Embedding is powerful, as it becomes a journey rather than an event (often varying between six and eighteen months), assignments and application occurs in alignment – with day-to-day and month-to-month responsibilities, and cohorts build strong support networks to fill a somewhat lonely gap that often accompanies being a leader. 

Our clients are witnessing transformational results via these journeys. Increased engagement, lower absenteeism, truly engaged and empowered leaders eager to keep growing and fully committed to personal and team improvement. Makes me so clear on why I’m passionate about what we do…