As they say, “the proof is in the pudding”.


What better way to show what we do than by telling real life stories of the impact we’ve had with some of our clients? Our successful projects tell the story of what we do so well, whether it’s to develop leadership capability, promoting cultural well-being, equipping people with self-serve learning when and where they need it, or even creating a capability framework. Find out more in the stories below.


“Transformative leadership is not for lightweights. It is perhaps the most challenging approach to leading practiced today. It requires character and commitment, courage, imagination, and unrivalled staying power.”

- Cleve W. Stevens

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In this fast and ever-changing world, organisations need a different kind of leader to thrive. Leaders need to be about people, about embracing change, about finding new ways of working. While once they were expected to have all the answers, now it’s more about knowing the right questions to ask. Lysander help equip and prepare leaders not only with the skills but also with the emotional dexterity to navigate this new landscape.

Having a recent change of CEO with a vision for improving the member experience saw significant change and a substantial step-up in innovation which resulted in a fast growth for one of our Member-based clients.  It quickly became evident that leadership bench-strength was inadequate, as leaders were often recruited quickly and thrown into lead without the right level of support.  This was having roll-on impacts to engagement and retention.

Upon engagement, our consultants worked closely with a representative working group to undertake a human-centred design process around the Organisational Leadership Capability Framework.  From this evolved a comprehensive program design

across four levels of leadership – from when someone is first identified with potential and steps in to short-term assignments, through to emerging leaders with longer term roles, leaders and experienced leaders.

At each level, the solution consisted of a fully blended, evidence-based approach. Our bespoke learning platform was used to drive the digital offerings that prepared learners for their face-to-face sessions. In these, our experienced facilitators worked with the group to deepen understanding, shift mindset, immerse in experiential learning, and ultimately reinforce skills for practical application after the session as they moved onto the next stage in their learning. All of our programs are underpinned by evolving research in the Positive Psychology arena so leaders were able to focus on wellness and creating positive environments where people could flourish.

Our consulting approach also supported autonomous learning which was new for this organisation – the change and communications support provided being a critical component of the overall program’s success.

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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

- Mahatma Gandhi

Lysander partnered to design and roll-out a comprehensive twelve-month program so leaders could define the desired culture, and formulate concise plans to achieve the shift.  The process was such that it improved significantly the way the leadership team operated – they became a high performing team over this period.  Through this journey – each part of the organisation was engaged.  Leaders gained personal insight into their Transformational Leadership approach via a robust program using the CLS360 to provide extensive feedback.  This was supported by one-on-one executive coaching over many months and embedded at Leadership Team meetings where our consultants worked with the team to help them share challenges and growth moments and to collaborate on their approach to lead other key changes needed to achieve their strategy.

In short, mapping out the cultural issues allowed us to create a program that resulted in a significant shift in culture and equipped the leadership team to drive important and significant changes through a highly turbulent period.

Every organisation’s culture is unique to their values, beliefs and vision, and is strongly defined by how people interact with each other. Strengthening the underpinning culture can lead to improved motivation and employee engagement, staff retention, customer satisfaction, improved company image and growth, and even attracting top talent. During a period of change it is even more important to have a focus on the current cultural climate of an organisation.

Facing a highly competitive market and internal structural change, the vision for one of our Financial Services clients was to educate customers of the inherent value they brought so they would be able to support more customers to achieve great outcomes.  To do this, it was critical to have key roles within the business work closely with partners to coach and develop awareness and capability have richer conversations with customers.  An initial assessment determined that engrained cultural issues existed, as well as an identified need to equip leaders to more strongly lead this type of change if it was to succeed. 

“I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health.”

- Voltaire

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At Lysander we believe in the power of helping organisations welcome well-being. We help bring people together and create a cohesive culture by illustrating how their efforts connect to the company as a whole.

A major player in the health industry, our client had grown rapidly via acquisition and was experiencing significant challenges in coming together as one organisation.  Our work at the leadership level was fundamental in helping the leadership team to form into one-team with a vision and strategy for how to operate collaboratively.  The leadership team were immersed and challenged to find a new way of communicating and operating.  They learnt to be vulnerable with each other as a way of creating a new base of trust.  Valuable conversations were essential to allow the business to identify and debate a range of significant challenges and opportunities.  This new, important dialogue had been absent until this point and the list of issues to be resolved vast. 

Our experienced consultants also worked closely with the team to streamline their meetings and embed capability in how to effectively debate and commit to critical decisions to equip the business to morph and achieve its vision of consolidation.

Further work was also undertaken to engage the People Leaders across the entire business.  The clever design of this component meant that people from various businesses which had previously felt quite isolated, walked away with oversight of each component of the business, as well as the organisational vision, and with connection to other People Leaders across the organisation and the mindset to connect and explore how to leverage and work together to achieve consolidation and enhanced offerings to its customers.

Twelve months on, the engagement scores in the business had increased by a significant seven points, particularly in previous areas of concern – senior leadership and vision and strategy.

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“The mind is like a muscle - the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets and the more it can expand.”

- Idowu Koyenikan

We are passionate about helping organisations create a culture where learning isn’t just an add-on, but where employees work together to create conditions where it flourishes in their every-day lives, and making that learning accessible where and when it suits them.

For one of our clients, this meant working closely with them to first understand the problem, identify their vision, and create an innovative blended learning solution to help them achieve their vision of a learning ecosystem. Leveraging technology to make the learning available to people across the country, we created a variety of digital learning assets. These autonomous micro-learning materials were supported by periodic virtual and face to face workshops, a robust social learning strategy, and by

embedding a support structure with leaders across the organisation. This enabled learners to work with their leaders to plan out a spaced or stacked approach to learning and go on the journey together.

While the client had the vision of a learning ecosystem and autonomous learning, Lysander were integral partners to help them create a strategy to help learners take the leap towards autonomy, and helped to build a support system to ensure program success. The end result was a program the supported a variety of learning styles, interests, capability, and specific development needs, while adding a layer of support to the development equation to encourage and motivate learners on their journey.

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“What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible, is rarely a function of our true capability. It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are.”

- Albert Camus

The learning journeys of the organisations that we work with can be varied in terms of their OD and cultural maturity.  Knowing where to start with capability development, shifting mindsets about learning and self-belief in participants and then providing a plan for growth, are as much about change management as the content of the development program itself. 

Lysander are experienced in supporting organisations to assess capability strengths and development gaps and can design and deliver learning events that engage participants using a

structured change management and communications plan designed to help create curiosity, inspire self-belief and encourage commitment to the learning opportunity.

For a number of our clients, we have undertaken scenario-based observation centres aligned to existing leadership capability frameworks.  Using transparent and inclusive processes, where participants are engaged in dialogue and self-assessment, learning pathways can be built specific to the learning needs and existing capabilities of each individual, not matter what the starting point.