Business performance. It can always be better. That’s why you need Lysander Consulting Group.

Our wealth of experience in leadership development, organisational development, and business planning is your company’s gateway to greater things. Our business is knowing your business. Expert analysis of existing problems and opportunities. Careful development of ways forward into the future. We work with you to develop strategies that ultimately increase your bottom-line.

Lysander provides the following key services

Leadership development – strong leadership is the foundation for success in business.  We support you by understanding the needs of your leaders and working to strengthen their talents.

Organisational development – we help you assess problem or opportunity areas within the business and develop tailored solutions to enhance skills that raise the capability and performance of your people in areas such as  team building, customer service, sales, and personal development.

Improving business performance – having a clear vision, strong strategies, and effective implementation are crucial for business success.  Lysander works with companies in these areas, and much more. We help companies come to grips with current trends that influence company effectiveness, from how to understand and manage Generation Y to how to capitalise on Positive Psychology at work.

We encourage you to know your business, because success is based on key people within a business understanding what they want.

Our boutique consultancy will develop solutions unique to your business — no off-the-shelf quick fixes like some consultancies offer. We focus on solutions that are appropriate for you and your organisation.

Strategic planning, change management , sales training, customer service training, leadership coaching, and so much more.  Let’s start moving forward. Together.